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Closeout Specials

We know times are tough right now but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality when it comes to your tiling project. Why settle for an inferior product when you can get high end ceramic tile at unbeatable everyday low prices! Universal Ceramic Tile’s closeout center features a variety of manufacturer discontinued products at up to 80% off the original price. Here you will find various sizes and styles that include tile for wall, floor, and backsplash applications. Prices range from $.99 s/f and up. Quantities vary and selection is constantly updated.
February 2017 - LaFabbrica - Thrill Series



20×20, 13×13, 13×26, 6.5×6.5, 2×2 Mosaic, 3×20 Bullnose

6 Colors – Alps, Bone, Frost, Jasmine, Walnut, Rock

Please call to check availability – quantities limited and subject to change



Cerdomus - Dome Series



24×24, 16×24, 16×16, 8×16, 8×8, 2×2 Mosaic, 3×24 Bullnose

6 Colors – Brown, Charcoal, Gold, Walnut, White, Rust

Please call to check availability – subject to change

Eco - Maestri 4x4 - $ .99 s/f

Eco Maestri 2

Rustic – French Provencal Style

Good for walls, floors, and backsplash applications.

7 Colors Available Italian Made

TRV 4x4 Verde Alpi Tumbled Marble - $ .99 s/f Blowout Special!
Verde Alpi Large Quantity in Stock!

Regular Price – $15.50 s/f

4x4 & 3x6 Backsplash Tile:

Happy House Opportunity, Imola Bretagne, Imola Yo-Yo, Imola Xeno, Imola Appia, Eco Maestri, Gardenia T.S.

Many colors and styles available – Made in Italy


Imola Appia Imola Xeno F

                            Imola Appia                                             Imola Xeno 10F

Imola 4x4 Picasso Series: Italian Designer look wall tile, Modern Colors - $ .99 s/f

Over 6 colors available 

Imola Picasso W

               Imola Picasso – 10W

Gazzini: Bocastone Series

Grigio – 18×18, 3×6, 1×6 Chairrail

Oro – 3×6, 1×6 Chairrail

Verde – 18×18, 6×6, 3×6, 1×6 Chairrail

Take 20% off already low closeout pricing!

18×18 – $3.15 s/f, 3×6 – $6.75 s/f

6×6 – $3.25 s/f, 1×6 Chairrail – $7.60 each

Bocastone Grigio      Bocastone Oro      Bocastone Verde

            Grigio                                                   Oro                                                  Verde

Arpa Afyon - Grigio
afyon_grey_3 Porcelain Travertine Look  3″x6″ – $1.80 s/f 6″x6″ – $1.50 s/f Made in Italy
Idea - Dolomiti 13x13 Floor & Coordinating 10x13 Wall - $1.50 s/f
Shiny floor & wall tile. Colorful classic styling. 
Mesh Mounted Mosaics for under $3.00 s/f!
Large Selection of Closeout Mesh Mounted Mosaics for under $3.00 s/f!

Looking for accent or trim pieces? Our closeout department also features a large selection of decorative inserts, mosaics, borders and liners at heavily discounted pricing.



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We can ship anywhere in the continental United States.  Call or email for samples. Freight Charges apply.