Finishing up your kitchen or bathroom space with backsplash: what do you need to make this journey go as smooth as possible for you?

Have your counter top selected, and grab a piece if at all possible as well as a sample of your cabinet color.  These are the two most important things to bring in when shopping for a back splash.  

What type of a layout are you looking for?  A traditional pattern, a modern pattern, or are you looking for something in the latest trends?  Don’t worry if your not sure about this part when you come in to see us.  We will help you figure that part out.

Ultimately, your countertop is going to determine which color to use for your tile, one to two color samples is the best.  More than that and it becomes too complicated to make a decision.

Remember, your counter is what people see first in your kitchen, and your back splash shouldn’t take away from it.  So, if your counter is busy, your tile should not be.  Simple is the way to go because it will allow the counter to be the focal point of the kitchen.  

However, there is always the option to add an accent piece to dress it up a bit if you are looking to do that.  A line of glass or a darker color tile to accent the counter can add some depth to your kitchen overall.  

Or what about that space above the stove?  Do you have room for a focal point accent there?  Whether it is glass or another size or color of the same tile set in a different pattern, this is an area where your creative juices can plant themselves to dress up where the action happens (all those delicious foods cooking on that gorgeous stove). 

And grouts…grouts can take the place the accent in your back splash rather than glass.  A darker tile with a lighter grout, or the opposite, can bring just the right amount of attention to your back splash without taking away from the rest of the kitchen.  Grout can highlight tile joint lines, or it can blend them.  Remember, there is no true “right” way, only the best way that makes you smile.

Subway tile, square tile, hexagon tile?  What should you use?  Here again we run into the area of what makes you smile.  What works with the style you are going with?  Subway tiles are a traditional look and will never go out style.  You can set them in a brick pattern or a herringbone pattern and just that pattern will bring life to your back splash and will remain timeless.

Glass tile is more along the lines of the modern and trending styles for a back splash.  The 3×6 or 4×12 sizes are hot right now.  And most counter tops are quite busy and have so much movement within them, so the glass tiles lend a nice simplicity to your back splash with a touch of elegance.

With all the hoopla going around about back splashes, we want to remind you that there is no right or wrong.  Make your kitchen yours, not what the neighbor or friends and family want.  And also remember this…Maria’s famous back splash words…Less is more.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news, ideas, blog posts, insider hints, and many other great avenues to help your renovation run smoother.

-Maria Taranto

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