We see a lot of customers. We get asked a lot of questions. Should I tile my whole bathroom? Is this tile slippery? What is everyone else doing? All of these questions bring with them some interesting solutions and designs. But one question stands out in my mind. One question resonates deeper than most. What should I do for grout?


Ok, back to the story. What should you do for grout with your tile? There is, just like every other situation, no perfect answer. But, we are professionals in the tile world so I will give you the best answer I can give you. Let the grout disappear. Let the tile promote your project.

Where does the concern for grout come from? Long ago, back in a time of 2 grout colors, and when everything was done exactly the same, grout was the enemy. It was porous, and it got dirty very easily. Now, in this time of technological advancement, we have grouts that will match almost any color tile out there, stand up and fight against stains, and even walk the dog. Well, I am exaggerating that part, but you get the picture.

When picking your grout for your tile, listen to your tile professional, that is why we are here. We offer the newest and best grouts on the market. We know what colors will work best with the tile selections you have. And, remember this part, your grout lines are so much smaller than your tile. People are going to notice your tile before they notice the grout. Let the grout disappear into the tile by choosing a color that blends with the tile.

When your project is done, the tile is set, the lighting is all finished…the grout is applied, or is it? You aren’t sure because you notice the entire project. You are in awe of the beauty of the design, the layout, the color scheme against all your other attributes in the room. But, where is the grout? Did it disappear? Was it ever there? You may not ever know because you let it do its job. You focused on the entire project and let the grout support your ideas instead of being the main focus.

The case of the Phantom Grout Lines…a reoccurring case that will always leave it’s mark. Or does it?

We love helping you design your new kitchen, bathroom, living room, fireplace, etc.. Whatever your project is, we are excited about being part of that dream. And that is why you come visit us at Universal Tile. We look forward to hearing from you, meeting you, and making you part of the UCTD family. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our showroom and meet up with one of our tile professionals, we’d love to work with you on your next “case”.

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