Walking into a tile store for the first time can be overwhelming. What color, what size, shape should I get? What will work the best for my project?

Keep in mind the size of the room. Small bathroom? A larger tile can make a room look bigger, but it doesn’t mean you get the biggest tile there is because you want the room to look balanced.

If it’s a kitchen then sometimes a larger tile will work nicely, or a pattern using different size tiles will work out perfect especially if it is a good size kitchen floor. And if you have an island in the middle of the room, keep in mind how much room the island takes up between the island and the sink area, you want to look at the symmetry of the tile to the room so it is appealing to the eye. If it is a galley kitchen then using one size tile usually works best so you keep the symmetry going.

In regards to bathrooms – different size tiles work very well to break up the room, or to allow the room to flow smoothly. Basket weaves, chevron patterns and hexagon patterns have become quite popular and give your room depth and dimension.

Have fun with your project, don’t make it a chore. Above all, it is your house so you have to love it.

Thanks for reading, come back next time for more information, tidbits, and excitement from the world of tile and design from your good friends at Universal Ceramic Tile Distributors.


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